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Join our affiliate program and earn comission on every video sold! Whether you run an online agency, popular website or personal blog - we have the right affiliate solution for you. Join hundreds of members risk-free and benefit from high comissions, well-converting product and dedicated support, let's grow together!

High Comission

Since video production is a service we can offer our affiliates higer than average comission rates. With 15% basic comission you can earn comission of up to $500 on each video you sell. Sounds too good? The comission depends on the order value, but such earning are not rare among our members. Join no and check out for yourself.

We take care of everything

The best part of our affiliate program is that we handle every aspect of video production, customer service, delivery, payment and support, so you can entirely focus on marketing.

Well-converting product

Most affiliate programs require you to promote niche products or services with really low conversion rates. Video production services are in high demand, in fact we believe that every business needs at least one video. With high average comissions our affiliate program is the perfect opportunity for you to jump on board and start some serious money. 

Step 1

Register as an Affiliate

How to get started? It's easy - register as affiliate by filling in an easy form. Let us know some basic information about yourself and tell us how are you going to promote our services. You can use your blog, website or even post comments online. We will let you know if you are approved within 48 hours.

Step 2


From now on everything is in your hands. You can use your existing website, blog or mailing list or simply spread the word on social media. Target business owners and marketing managers and always include your individual referral link. be active and you will quickly see the results.

Step 3

Earn comission

You will earn comission on every sale that is made using your referral link. Your comission can vary between 15 and even 500 dollars depending on the order value. 

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We are VideoPandas – a London, UK based animation studio and we specialize in producing high quality explainer videos, video commercials, youtube ads and voice-overs. We are a truely global company with majority of clients from the United States, Australia, UK and Europe. Our goal is to tell your story or present your product or service in a short and attractive form. How can we help you?

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