Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cartoon, premium and ultra video style?

The main difference between different video styles is the quality of animations and illustrations. In whiteboard and cartoon videos we use premade elements and animations from our database. We can certainly illustrate most scenarios, however if you need custom work - Premium and Ultra videos are your best choice. Premium videos are custom made - i.e. you can use custom characters adnimated in the way you need. If you need exceptional quality and great attention to details - we recommed our Ultra package. This style is often chosen by larger organisations or if you need a short, quality animation - such as TV or Cinema ad or your logo reveal animation.

How strict are you about the lenght of the script?

Our pricing is based on the length of your script. We can accept up to 5 words above the length limit. For example if you order a 1 minute (150 words) video, your script can have up to 155 words. If you your script is longer, we will charge you according to our pricing thresholds.

Can I embeed my own video within one of your videos?

Yes, we can embeed your own video in a Whiteboard, Cartoon, Premium and Ultra video packages. If you have specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a reseller or affiliate program?

We are currently working on an affiliate program that allows you to earn comission when you recommend us. Please get in touch for more details.