Premium Videos

If you are looking for custom made, stunning videos - our premium package is the way to go! With premium video you have a complete freedom of expression - no matter if you need an explainer video, a kickstarter campaign video, a corporate video or a video ad. 

100% Custom Made

Premium vidoes are unique and 100% tailored to your needs. We never use templates or pre-made animations. We can follow your corporate style and branding or create something completely unique, the choice is yours!

Fully licensed

Since the the Premium is fully custom made and fully licensed it can be used for TV advertising / broadcast without further limitations. 


Get an ultimate control over how your video will look like with a high-quality storyboard.  Let us visualize every scene of your video before we work on animations.

Premium Video Examples:


Turnaround time

Usually it takes up to 48 hours to record the voiceover and additionally up to 10 working days to complete the animation. Please allow extra time for script writing & storyboarding (if needed) and revisions.

Storyboard (optional)

You can get an optional storyboard with our premium package to get an ultimate control over how your video will look. 


Custom artwork is included in the price. 


In our premium package all standard as well as custom-made animations are included in the price.


Our Premium package benefits from 2 revision rounds.  Script changes after it's approved will incur additional costs.

Video length & Pricing

The price of your explainer video depends on the length of your script. If you have your script ready - simply count the number of words in your favorite word processor (MS Word, etc). 150 words-long script will usually transform into a 1-minute video, 300 words into 2-minute video and so on. If you prefer us to write your script and you are not sure how long your video should be -just send us all the information that you need in your video and we will help you choosing the right length. Most explainer videos are usually 1:00-3:30 min long, but we have produced videos from 15 seconds to over 10 minutes long.

Step 1

Place your order

Send us your script, logo and pay 50% to get started. If you want us to write the script - we can do it for you.

Step 2


Once we have the final script it will be recorded by one of our voice-artist and sent to you for approval. 

Step 3

Storyboard & Video design

Once the voiceover is finalized and approved - we will work on the actual video. Optionally, we will first create a storyboard for a greater control over the look and feel of your video. After up to 10 working days we will send you the video asking for your feedback.

Step 4


Once you are happy with your explainer video we will ask you to settle down the remaining balance. After that, you will get the file, which you can upload to YouTube or your own website. Simple!

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We are VideoPandas – a London, UK based animation studio and we specialize in producing high quality explainer videos, video commercials, youtube ads and voice-overs. We are a truely global company with majority of clients from the United States, Australia, UK and Europe. Our goal is to tell your story or present your product or service in a short and attractive form. How can we help you?

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