Spokeperson Videos

If animated video is not for you - try our Spokeperson video package. Hire a professional presenter and let him or her present your business or service. Choose your actor, change background, add your logo, text and music or even feature your physical product. Contact us for a quote.

Professional actors

We co-operate with talented professional presenters and actors from all over the world. Let us know your requirements and get a perfect spokeperson for your video.


Customize your video to fit your requirements - choose the background and outfit, add your logo, text or music. We can even feature your physical product!

Product Testimonials

Get a review or testimonial of your service or even physical product. All you need to do is to post it and we will do the rest!

Spokeperson Video Examples:

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We are VideoPandas – a London, UK based animation studio and we specialize in producing high quality explainer videos, video commercials, youtube ads and voice-overs. We are a truely global company with majority of clients from the United States, Australia, UK and Europe. Our goal is to tell your story or present your product or service in a short and attractive form. How can we help you?

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